Negotiation Fox to Speak at Radix PR Summit on April 27


On April 27 I'll be speaking at the Radix Collective PR Summit in downtown Los Angeles. Here's a short sampling of some of the questions I'll be addressing at the conference. For further information or to register, please click HERE 1. Nancy, what is the #1 Mistake People Make in Negotiations? Most people feel that they are in the weaker position when they enter a negotiation, and that assumption can actually PUT them in the weaker position, because expectations drive behaviors. In other words, their sense of insecurity will be transmitted to the other party. If you do your homework prior to entering a negotiation, you should go in feeling confident and strong, and that already puts you one leg...

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Do you want to repair some relationships in 2017?

In an article for the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Shapiro, Associate Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project and Program on Negotiation faculty member, offers some suggestions on how negotiation skills can be used to repair friendships that are strained or broken. To start, suggests Shapiro, don’t assume that the other party is going to be ready right away to return to a close relationship. By listening closely to the concerns and feelings expressed by a friend, and understanding their perspective, one can begin to rebuild trust, a key component in any relationship. In his book, Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate, Shapiro emphasizes that understanding the other party’s key concerns is essential when negotiations involve powerful emotions. When both...

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To Get What You Want, You Have to Ask

In this Ted talk, Jang reiterates the importance of asking for what you want. Simply put, if you don't ask, you won't get. So don't let fear of asking stand in the way of getting more! Happy negotiating!

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The Toughest Person You May Have to Negotiate With

In their recent book, "Negotiating at Work: Turn Small Wins into Big Gains," authors Kolb and Porter state that we often "get in our own way." They cite pitfalls such as failure to recognize opportunities to negotiate, focusing on our weaknesses and preparing our first concession in our heads before we've even given the other side a chance to take a position. Indeed, our own doubts and fears are formidable obstacles to getting more. In fact, William Ury, author of the iconic negotiating book "Getting to Yes" recently wrote another book called "Getting to Yes with Yourself." I'll be talking more about this at the QuickBooks Conference October 24-26. You won't want to miss it! #QBConnect

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10/26 – Nancy Fox Speaking at Quickbooks Conference

October 24 – 26, 2016 San Jose, CALIFORNIA QuickBooks Connect is unlike any event you have ever attended. Thousands of entrepreneurs, small businesses, accountants and developers unite under one roof to connect, learn and grow. Fuel your hustle, reignite your passion, and help grow your business to be bigger, bolder, better. Find out more about the event here. Negotiation Fox Seminar: The Art of Negotiations: Creating Win-Win Outcomes Sometimes it can be challenging to go after what you really want. This session will help you to manage the basics of negotiation and learn from authorities who have mastered the art of negotiation. Experts will offer advice on getting a better deal and teaching you how to find it. Walk away...

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Art & Politics


This recent article from the New York Times questions whether art museums should be more involved in current political issues. Do museums have a moral obligation to address the political climate as part of their educational mission, or is it better for them to eschew this controversial arena to avoid offending their supporters? I welcome your comments on this!

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Negotiation Fox to Speak at Nevada County Arts Conference on November 17


The Nevada County Arts Council kicks off its first annual Arts Convergence conference in Grass Valley, CA, on Saturday, November 17, with Nancy J. Fox, a/k/a Negotiation Fox, a negotiation training and consulting firm, among its esteemed speakers. According to Brian Buckley, Executive Director of the Nevada County Arts Council, “Arts Convergence 2012 is an amazing collection of presentations designed to inform and inspire artists and arts organizations.” The day-long conference at Sierra College features 15 workshops and two general sessions that will “lift the spirits, skills and expertise of artists of all genre and experience levels.” The theme for the conference is ABC: Arts Build Communities. Participants will be able to choose from sessions of general interest and sessions...

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How to Gain Confidence in Negotiation Situations


Our level of confidence can play a big role in the outcome of a negotiation. If we feel confident and strong, then we will be able to advocate more convincingly for what we want. Yet, all too often we go into a negotiation fraught with jitters and self-doubt. One way to overcome our nervousness is to imagine that we are advocating on behalf of others, rather than ourselves. Research shows that the confidence level of most people rises significantly when they negotiate for something that benefits others, such as a co-worker or family member. So rather than think of the situation as a negotiation, train yourself to view it as an opportunity to advocate on someone else’s behalf. This change...

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Tips for Successful Bartering

Barter is a method of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money. Whether in your artistic career or in your personal life, bartering is a form of negotiation that can help you: Preserve cash – no or low out-of-pocket to get what you want Improve cash flow – allows you to preserve capital Weather periods of seasonality – survive slow business cycles Turn excess inventory into cash – if you have built up a large inventory of artwork, then bartering is a means to move some of it in return for things that you need Here are a few things to be mindful of...

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